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Dear Friends,

Many who know me have noticed that, along with a love for reading and writing, I have a reverence for life and a sincere concern for the status of wild animals around the world. I believe our lives and theirs are intrinsically connected and I have always wished I could do more to champion their cause. Humans are stewards of our planet, and we must recognize that we continually effect environments and ecosystems. The wildlife within those systems can be profoundly changed, for good or bad based on what we do. Recognizing that our actions will create consequences for the human race as well, should guide our decisions on how we care for the world around us.

On a personal level, I was born in the Bronx, raised in NJ, moved to Connecticut, and graduated from Western Connecticut State University. I have three children, Erik, David and Katharine, and an understanding husband named George. My family fills my life, and fuels my muse! Oh, I can’t forget Phoebe, my standard poodle companion!

I love dogs, cats, adore birds, and have allowed my children to have rats for pets (how brave is that). I held my breath the day my son brought home the pit bull from the dog shelter. I’ve since changed my mind about this breed. They are very sweet but built like small tanks, so you need to watch where they go. A bull in a china shop ain’t got nothing on these guys. My love of dogs prompted Kohana’s story.

Kohana was created as an homage to dogs, all dogs. From the lap and working dog, to dogs that serve our country in the armed forces, they are truly our best friends and faithful companions. They are compassionate and ask nothing in return for the unconditional love they give. As I approach the moment when Kohana will be released, there are so many people to thank, and you know who you are. So, I thank you all so sincerely. But most of all, I am forever grateful for all the dogs in my past. They stood by my side, helped me recover when I was ill, made me feel happy when I was sad, and were instrumental in helping me to better understand the beauty, kindness, and unquestioning devotion that is their nature. We can learn much from our canine companions. I know I have.

Please remember, there are many dogs and cats in animal shelters who desperately need homes. I hope that you will consider adopting before shopping. You won’t regret it, and the dog or cat you befriend will be forever grateful.

J.E. Rogers (Jeanne E. Rogers)
November 2016
Danbury, Connecticut

The Book

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The Great Spirit created a beautiful world where the prairies, the rolling hills, and the high mountains are home to all manner of marvelous creatures. Kohana lives here too. He is a mischievous young wolf who is learning about the world around him. One day, he sees an animal unlike any other, for this animal roams the plains on two legs. When Kohana asks the Great Spirit what this beast is, he gets a thunderous response. "Do not go near the two-legs!"

This answer does not satisfy him, and he is determined to discover more. His curiosity leads him to an encounter with the two-legs which will form a connection that will last forever, and changes the life of the wolf pup and the young two-legs he meets.

This exciting, beautifully illustrated story is based on a Native American creation myth. Myth has always played an important role in helping man to understand and explain the unexplainable. Kohana will help us understand how the wolf became man’s best friend—the dog.

Not to be missed, Kohana will delight young readers and the adults who read to them.


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